Zorian Palmore (Stamford, TX) hit 2 Grand Slams in ONE inning (over the fence homers), maybe the most amazing sports moment I've ever seen in person. Hayden was intentionally walked or the ball went over the fence (ground roll double or HR)... every at bat for almost an entire tournament.

Dylon Davis, the best CB in Cooper High School history. It's just facts. 16 INTs in a single season (school record), 4 for TDs (school record?). Some caused fumbles, 1 for a TD, blocked FG, some crowd gasping hits & the stuff I forgot & that was only his senior year... was ranked #2 in the nation for INTs & couldn't find anyone in top 25 that had 4 INT TDs, probably #1 in the nation on that stat.
What-A-Burger All-Texas Team

#15 Dylon Davis - Class of 2020


Single Season All-time Rushing Record holder, Noah Garcia. That was his junior year. This is his senior year 2020-2021, he needs 284 yards to be the All-time Leading Rusher for Cooper High School. He barely played in second halves, straight beast mode. Punishing, faster, clever, A+ receiving skills... D1 talent.


3 year Varsity RB, his senior season has been long anticipated. Through the good & the struggles of the AHigh offense including a sophomore season injury, Phonzo Dotson was the consistent player the Eagles certainly counted on in 2019. Phonzo has 1105 career rushing yards throught his Junior Season & 9 TDs. Well built, strong & speed in the open field. The Eagles haven't been able to get to the playoffs in his tenure, last year was a really frustrating season of home games. Don't let that mislead you, Phonzo is a stud & definitely a player that will be on a NCAA roster in 2021!


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